CAVICO was founded by entrepreneurs with a vision. We wanted to create a business with values. With Candour. Capability. And with a Passion to shape an organisation that is inspirational.

CAVICO was created in 2005. Since inception, the business has been built by special people, with a clear focus. To be an inspirational business; to our customers, clients, licence partners and employees. We go that extra mile and do all we can to deliver superb experiences.

We are a Group with considered foundations. A Group that lives our values of People, Passion, Purpose and Performance.

CAVICO provides direction to the NEW House of Busby and to CAVI Brands. CAVICO is also continuously exploring ways of making our businesses better.

CAVICO also acts as Development and M&A support for the Group



  • I WILL be a leader within my field
  • I WILL be a team player
  • I WILL have integrity
  • I WILL challenge the status quo
  • I WILL be humble


  • I WILL have a positive and can do attitude
  • I WILL take action with relentless determination
  • I WILL always go the extra mile
  • I WILL be committed and loyal
  • I WILL inspire others


  • I WILL contribute to the vision
  • I WILL be goal directed and focused
  • I WILL take ownership of the outcome
  • I WILL take pride in what I do
  • I WILL make a difference


  • I WILL show initiative
  • I WILL innovate
  • I WILL excel and achieve
  • I WILL push boundaries and remove the ceiling
  • I WILL appreciate and recognize
  • I WILL win



We will be an Inspirational Branded Lifestyle Business in Africa. Our focus is on Brands and building foundations for good and sustainable business.


CAVICO takes the long view regarding investment, growth and the development of our Brands. We work closely with our Customers, our Brand Principals and Retail Partners to deliver above market growth and build Brand loyalty.



  • We are Entrepreneurial.
  • We are Delivery Orientated. 
  • We take a Long View – building to last
  • We focus on Growth
  • Reputation is important in creating an admired legacy
  • We are a Sales and Marketing Organisation
  • We have a Philosophy of Investment
  • We are building capabilities throughout Southern Africa – we are proudly African.