CAVICO and its subsidiary businesses, namely Dermalogica, Incolabs, IncoBev and The Prestige Cosmetics Group (collectively referred to as CAVI Brands) intend creating and supporting a South African development initiative.

Our vision is to create a better future for South Africa by creating sustainable change in the lives of young South Africans and their communities through education as a primary objective.

Our primary project will be aimed at the improvement of the foundation elements of early learning childhood development and to get children to a higher level of school readiness in pre-school. We will be supporting two crèches in the Diepsloot area by focusing on Teacher development and skills. CAVI Brands will also support the crèches by supplying resources needed. Our secondary project will be aimed at the development of an after school centre with staff members to assist with homework and support for the graduates from the crèches in the primary project.

We want to be known as an organisation with head and heart.


To create sustainable change in the lives of young South Africans and their communities through education as our primary objective and supporting entrepreneurial flair from less privileged backgrounds.

We want to be known as an organisation with head and heart.



The New House of Busby partners with the Winnie Mabaso Foundation, a non-profit organisation established to support vulnerable and orphaned children in South Africa, particularly those living with HIV. Over the years their work has extended to encompass all ages of those who are underprivileged and in desperate need, from babies to grannies. The Foundation has changed, and continues to change the lives of countless people in South Africa.

This year’s initiatives are in support of the New House of Busby strategic pillar of “Grow”- the New House of Busby has partnered with the foundation to provide a hydroponic vegetable growing tunnel and rainwater harvesting solution for the community of Meriting – an informal settlement where the foundation is based. The project is yielding food for the local community as well as providing small business opportunities for locals who are provided with seedlings from the tunnel. The New House of Busby’s main sponsorship of the foundation has been to support the girls at the Ilamula House with educational support and other needs, we are proud that our contribution can have a sustainable impact on the lives of the girls and the community.


Tomorrow Trust, is a non-profit organisation based in South Africa which supports orphaned and vulnerable children throughout their journey with holistic education – encompassing academics and life skills with self-development, thereby empowering them to reach their full potential as self-sustaining and proactive members of society.

The relationship between the New House of Busby and the Tomorrow Trust began in 2013, with the sponsorship of two female students completing Fashion degrees at LISOF. Over the past five years, the relationship has grown and strengthened, with the 2018 sponsorship consisting of five female students. In total, the support from House of Busby has also produced four female graduates in the last 5 years – all of whom pursued their studies in Fashion. The support from House of Busby has included not only financial support covering Fees, Textbooks, Accommodation and a monthly Allowance, but has provided the students with an opportunity to attend vacation work at the company. This week long opportunity provides the students with invaluable experience and insight into the professional world of work preparing them for the next step once they complete their qualifications. This support coupled with the academic and psycho-social support offered by the Tomorrow Trust, ensures that the students not only complete their studies and pass with good results but also focus on their personal self-development and accessing their full potential.